Hi, my name is Daniel. I am an Alberta-based photographer specializing in portraiture for advertising and editorial clients.

I share an office with my two sons, Henry and Noah.

When I am not making photographs I’m usually cooking, running, snowboarding, playing music (poorly), or travelling with my family.

 Clients Include:


Avenue Edmonton: Premier Rachel Notley – Up Close

On December 4, 2015

I was honoured to be asked to make portraits of Premier Rachel Notley for a profile in Avenue Edmonton. Many thanks to the Art Director, Pete Nguyen, for trusting me and my team with this. We only had a few minutes to set up a couple different locations, but simplicity usually tells the best story.

Sportsnet Magazine – Jamie Sadlowski

On November 15, 2015

This shoot was a fun technical challenge, figuring out how to capture one of the fastest swings in golf and show the incredible flexibility and range of motion. Jamie Sadlowski is a two-time world long drive champion with distances well over 400 yards. It was quite stunning seeing the consistency and club speed that these guys can hit a ball with.

Avenue Edmonton – Rob Brown

On November 1, 2015

For a story in Avenue Edmonton on Rob Brown and his transition from professional football player to police officer working with the city’s youth. Shot at the centre line of the field at Commonwealth Stadium. It’s always great when we get such access to locations and can see things from the athlete’s perspective.

Sportsnet Magazine – Connor McDavid

On October 25, 2015

Being a life-long Oilers fan, I was really excited to get the opportunity to work with Sportsnet Magazine and Connor McDavid on this cover shoot.

Venture: Family Business – Derks

On September 30, 2014

Venture: Family Business – Bridgeland Market

On September 30, 2014

Part of a series on Albertan Family-based businesses.

Avenue – Roy Leadbetter

On September 30, 2014

I recently got to spend some time with Roy Leadbetter, an incredible sculptor and painter. It was a pleasure to chat with him about his processes and inspiration. Roy’s fascinating background story was featured in Avenue Magazine.

Avenue Magazine – Experts, Alley Kat

On July 6, 2014

Avenue Edmonton asked me to photograph Neil Herbst of Alley Kat Brewing Company for their experts section.

Always more than happy to work in locations like this.

Avenue Magazine – Car Collector

On July 6, 2014

Italy – Pantheon

On July 6, 2014

Italy – Città Della Pieve

On July 6, 2014

California Sun

On January 16, 2014

Alberta Oil – Cover

On January 16, 2014

I shot the cover of Alberta Oil’s annual C-Suites issue. This year’s CEO of the Year winner is Bill McCaffrey of Meg Energy.


On January 16, 2014

I made some fun split-face portraits with RED the Agency for their client, The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. The posters speak to how youth can easily look above the legal age for liquor/cigarettes/gambling. Retouching: Cake Imagery

Light Tests – Owen

On December 11, 2013

The Islands (part two)

On December 11, 2013

The Islands

On December 11, 2013

I spent some time in the Gulf Islands this summer, one of the best places.

RED/ Government of Alberta – Alter Ego Billboards

On May 24, 2013

I worked with Regan Fraser at RED the Agency to make these billboards for the Government of Alberta’s office of traffic safety.

Edmonton Events Part 2

On May 24, 2013

New advertising work produced for Edmonton Events to promote the city of Edmonton as an international destination for sporting and cultural events.

Edmonton Events

On May 24, 2013

New advertising work produced for Edmonton Events to promote the city of Edmonton as an international destination for sporting and cultural events.

Introducing: Henry Michael Wood

On May 8, 2013

Introducing: Henry Michael Wood

Editorial: Underline Studio

On March 6, 2013

Brendan Hokowhitu, The Dean of Native Studies at the University of Alberta for Underline Studio/University Affairs magazine.

Trade recruitment ads

On December 30, 2012

I worked with Natrix Ma at RED The Agency shooting these portraits for trade recruitment ads.

Editorial: Garden Architecture and Design

On November 12, 2012

I was commissioned by Underline Studio to photograph the owners of Garden Architecture and Design and their gorgeous location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Editorial: Petra Duncan

On November 1, 2012

The University of Alberta’s Petra Duncan for Underline Studio and University Affairs Magazine.

RED team portraits.

On October 17, 2012

The amazing team at RED THE AGENCY, some of the best clients a photographer could ask for.


Personal work

On September 28, 2012

Editorial – Report on Business

On August 12, 2012

Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel – Report on Business


Personal – California Landscape

On July 8, 2012

Corporate environmental portrait

On June 12, 2012

Ethier Associates

Flipp Advertising – Woodhaven

On June 1, 2012

Images produced to promote the launch of a new community in south Edmonton.

Editorial – Amber’s Brewing

On May 28, 2012

I was asked by Jordan Macinnis at Report on (small) Business to make portraits of Jim Gibbon, the owner of Amber’s Brewing in Edmonton. The photos were to accompany a feature they did on independant Canadian breweries. Being a huge beer nerd, I jumped at the opportunity to check out their brewery.

Travel – Spain

On May 20, 2012

Trains in Spain

Personal – location scouting

On May 8, 2012

Editorial – American Lawyer 2

On May 8, 2012

Editorial – American Lawyer 1

On May 8, 2012

Personal – Mint Polaroid

On May 8, 2012

Editorial – Acura Magazine

On April 26, 2012